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2 Way Messaging Using Long Code & Virtual Numbers

Long codes/Virtual Numbers are 10 digits shared or dedicated numbers which enables 2 way messaging between you and your customers/clients and widely used for many value-added services such as.

  • Product/Service Customer Feed backs

  • Voting & Polling

  • Automated Lead Generation

  • Online Subscriptions/Verifications

  • Exam Results

  • Media & Entertainment Sectors

  • Product Registrations/Verifications

  • Vehicle Tracking Using GPS

  • Luck Draw, SMS Based Quiz Programs

  • SMS Based Recharging

How It Works

Shared Long Codes works with Keyword, keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the long code number, when you or your customers send an SMS from any mobile with a specific keyword given by you, they will get an automatic reply which is set by you. In addition to automatic reply, by enabling URL forwarding you can customize the reply and information's also can be fetched from your remote database too based on the Keyword & Sub keywords. URL Forwarding works with GET & POST method.

Example : If your keyword is ABC on 9020 501 501 and when you or your customer sends an SMS with keyword ABCYour message to 9020 501 501 then the keyword, message, phone number, sent time will be tracked on the basis of the keyword and update details to the particular customers control panel or push the information to customer database real-time if URL forwarding is enabled by you.

Long Code Numbers (SIM Hosting)

Long code numbers are 10 digits normal GSM Numbers and the incoming messages are processing through Normal SIM Card.

You need to purchase GSM SIM Card from any operator and provide the same to us for hosting.

Our SIM Hosting Data Center Details

Our SIM Hosting Data Center is situated at our Corporate Office (Trivandrum,Kerala) with state of art facilities.

GSM Modem Specification
Siemens Based Chip Set
64 Port GSM Modules
Ports can be extended upto "n" numbers
Modems connected with high end Servers
Failsafe Power Supply
3 Phase AC Power with auto switching
2.5 KV Separate UPS Back Up
1 Mbps Leased Line from Airtel
Reliance 3G Back Up Connection
In house developed Software
Intelligent Queue Management
Auto Start Up (in case of failures)
Port Swapping
Supports Unlimited Ports.
Signal Strength of Major GSM Operators at our Data Center
SL Operator Signal Strength
1 Reliance (GSM) 80%
2 IDEA 90%
4 AIRTEL 96%
5 BSNL 96%
6 AIRCEL 90%
7 UNINOR 83%
Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN)

Same as Long Code Numbers Virtual Numbers are also shared or dedicated 10 digit numbers which are configured at the operator switch for processing huge volume of incoming traffic.

Virtual Numbers are more reliable and costly than Shared or Long Code Numbers and have many advantages when compared to Shared or Dedicated Long Code Numbers, please see the below comparison to get an exact idea.

Long Code Vs Virtual Mobile Number
Long Codes (SIM Hosting) Virtual Number
Processing through normal GSM SIM Card Operator End Switch Level Forwarding
GSM Modem Required No Hardware Required
Max 5 SMS in a minute 100 to 300 messages in a second
GSM SIM Hosting Operator Switch Level Configuration
Low Setup Charges High Setup Charge
Low Monthly Rent High Monthly Rent
Unlimited Incoming Traffic 3 lakh per month after that 3 ps per message
Dedicated Number Vs Shared Number
Dedicated Number Shared Number
Your own choice of Number(s) Default Number(s)
Unlimited Keywords & Sub Keywords Per Keyword based billing
Local Numbers Available Only Default Numbers
Keywords can be resell further Need to purchase keywords separately
Dedicated Resources Shared Resources
Dedicated only for you Shared with other users
Complete traffic forwarding Only Keyword based forwarding
All Keywords are available Keywords are Subjected to Availability


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