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Cloud Bulk Emailing Solution
About Bulk Email

Our Bulk Mailing Service is designed to let you send transactional emails, notices, e-marketing campaigns, e-commerce activities and newsletters, among others, to a large number of recipients (1,000 recipients per mailing). With our platform, large volumes of email can be sent in a short space of time with higher delivery and read rates, avoiding their being sent to spam folders or put on blacklists.

Soon after Google launched its innovatory platform for email by terming it as ‘Gmail’ it became nearly impossible for companies to send legitimate emails to its customers at large and due to this reason of not identifying the legitimate emails the inbox deliverability rate reduced at a high ratio.

Keeping this fact in mind we at SMS Ponnus worked persistently to actualize a scalable and reliable bulk email sending platform which shall ensure high delivery rate on a highly scalable cloud platform.

After a year’s in-depth research and development we have finally integrated one of the best bulk email sending platform hooked with the same platform where your favourite SMS, Voice and Missed Call Service functions.

Built to be Unmistakable

Backed by year’s research and development, we have built an incredible bulk email sending platform on cloud which assures successful deliverability to your business

Right Routes

We have got discrete routes to ensure the inbox deliverability of your entire emails even if it of Transactional Category or Marketing Category. Opting of the right route helps us to enhance the inbox deliverability rate of your emails.

Scalable Cloud Backend

Even if you want to send 100 emails or A million Emails, our scalable cloud backend ensures the deliverability of your entire emails within few seconds time.

20+ Own Dedicated Email Servers that is hosted in 10 Data Centres across the globe + 1000+ IP Address + Tie-ups with Top Whitehat Email Service Providers (ESP’s) to consistently ensure that all your emails deliver business to you.

Email Which Reaches Inbox

This platform is developed with world-class deliverability rate which ensures that all your legitimate emails are identified in proper to be delivered instantaneously to the Inbox of your customers.

Clutter Free UI

Our clutter free user interference permits any person of authority to compose, send and track emails with just a few clicks.

Dynamic Emails

To send a personalized email is made much easier with our Dynamic Email Sending options. Now you may just upload the excel sheet with dynamic value like (Name, Pending Amount, Bill Number, Purchase Link etc)

Comprehensive Reports

You can straightaway track the campaign that performs the best! And you can get a detailed graphical report that provides an understanding on how your emails are treated by the recipients, ISP’s, Mailboxes.

    • Clicks
    • Unique Clicks
    • Open
    • Unique Opens
    • Spam Reports
    • Unsubscribe
    • Suppressed
    • Browser & Device Stats
    • Mail Provider & Mail App Stats
    • Geographical Reach

Suppression Manager

You can effortlessly find the list of suppressed email (Hard Bounced / Spam / Unsubscribe / Blacklisted) with our Suppression Manager tools; you also have the option to remove the email addresses from Suppression Manager.

Contacts & List Manager

You can comfortably frame & manage your Contacts and Subscription with the inbuilt Contacts Manager and you also have the option to request Subscriptions from your customers.

    • Simple API Available for Remote Synchronization
    • Upload Excel or CSV Files
    • Inbuilt OPT IN & OPT OUT Form

Powerful Webhooks

Get the real time user engagement activity in your Server via our powerful webhook APIs.

Reputation Monitor

Track the reputation of your each campaign and overall reputation of each account with our advanced reputation monitor.

Inbuilt Advance Spam Checker

We do not allow your emails to reach spam folders as we have integrated an advance live spam checker that analyse the contents of your email and sends an active alert to prevent the messages from reaching the spam folders.

Easy HTML Editor

An easy to use inbuilt HTML Editor that allows you to edit your templates with ease or you can just export your HTML Code to your email and design it in just one click.

We are all set to launch an extremely new drag and drop email editor!

Dedicated IP & White labelling

Intensify your email deliverability rate and prominence by setting up your own Dedicated IP and White labelling.

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