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Cloud Flight Booking Engine

Flight Booking service made much easier and flexible with our Cloud Flight Booking Engine. Designed & Developed after thorough research and analysing of different available Flight Booking Engine in the industry. Our Engineers & Business Research departments have spent more than a year to make a better platform than existing.

Go Live Faster

Our robust software architecture accommodates all type of business plan in the platform enabling you to GO LIVE in less than 48 hours

  • Travel Industry First N-Level Ready Made Booking Engine
  • Get Started in less than 48 hours
  • Supports all type of business plans.

Stop Comparing Fares

Yes, we integrated with multiple GDS & LCC Providers to pulls out the cheapest air fares and last minute availability for you.

  • Lowest Fare Guaranteed Always
  • Ensures Last Minute Availability
  • Integrated with Multiple GDS & LCC Providers

International, Code Sharing & SOTO Bookings

Whether you are booking a Domestic,International,Multi City or SOTO flights we support all type of bookings through our Flight Booking Engine.

  • Multi City Bookings
  • SOTO Bookings
  • Code Sharing Flights
  • Multiple Carriers

Coupon & Special Round Fare

You will never miss a special/coupon fare in our platform. Special Round Fare/Family Fare also available.

  • Coupon Fare
  • Family Special Fare
  • Special Round Fare

Group/Corporate Special Booking

You can get special fare for group/corporate bookings.

  • Heavy Discounts for Group Bookings
  • Special Arrangements for Corporate Bookings

Easy to Use Booking Flow

An extremely user-friendly GUI makes the booking hassle free and allows you to complete the booking in Just 3 Steps.

  • Quick Search Result Powered by our Smart Cache Technology
  • Booking Confirmed in Just 3 Steps
  • Easy Navigations with On Screen Popups
  • AJAX Navigations eliminates reloading browser

Smart Cache Search

Our intelligent smart cache search algorithm pulls out the available schedules, seat availability with the indicative price instantly based on our search history data. By the time you have gone through this the real time data will be made available to you.

Transaction Manager

Track & Manage all your bookings through a well organized Transaction Manager.

  • 360 Degree Reports
  • Passenger Wise & Bulk Cancellation
  • Download Tickets
  • Download Receipts
  • Online Amendments
  • View Passenger Details
  • View Commission Earned & Much More

Easy Filters

All type of filters are available to streamline the search results.

  • Stop Filters
  • Price Range Filters
  • Airline Filters
  • Departure Time Filters
  • Arrival Time Filters
  • Fare Type Filters
  • Trip Duration Filters
  • Layover Duration Filters

Email Search Results

You can also email the search results to your customers for their quick reference and comparisons.

Self Markup & Instant Markup

Show higher ticket cost for your direct walk in customers. Configure Self Markup for each Airlines. Apart from the Self mark up you can also set Instant Mark Up from the Search Result Page.

  • Add Airline Wise Markup
  • Add Separate Markup for Domestic & International Segments
  • Set Instant Markup from Search Result Page

Easy Markup Tools

Decide your own income, you can decide how much amount or percentage you need to earn from a booking done through your downline customers. Set different markup in percentage or flat for your each customers. Markup can also be configured on Gross Fare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ (Fuel Charges) or Flat Amount

  • Decide Your Own Income
  • Set Markup in percentage on Gross Fare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ
  • Set Markup in Flat Amount on Each booking
  • Option to set different Markup for different customers
  • Configure Airline Wise Markup

Markup Package : Markup packages allows you to simplify your work and save time, you can create different markup packages and apply to all your customers or selected customers.

Commission Management

Offer commission based on your customers business model & revenue, you have the flexibility to offer any commission in percentage or flat for each Airlines & Customers. Commission can also be offered on Gross Fare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ (Fuel Charges) or Flat Amount

  • Flexibility to offer any type of commission
  • Set Commission in percentage on Gross Fare, Base Fare, Base Fare + YQ
  • Set Commission in Flat Amount on Each booking
  • Option to set different Commission for different customers
  • Configure Airline Wise Commission

Commission Packages : Commission packages allows you to simplify your work and save time, you can create different commission packages and apply to all your customers or selected customers.

Cancellation Markup

Add your own cancellation penalty mark up and earn more when a ticket is cancelled.

  • Configure Your Own Cancellation Penalty
  • Configure separate markup for Domestic & International segments

Support all Types of Business Plans

We understand your desire to be unique in the market so we support all type of business plans. Lets say if you have 3 customers A,B,C and you can offer Flat Commission to "A" and Commission on Base Fare to "B" and Commission on Base Fare + YQ (Fuel Charge) to "C"

Travel Industry First N-Level Ready Made Booking Engine

YES, WE MADE IT, Now get started with full fledge flight booking service in less than 48 hours and offer the same solution to "N" number of customers and maximize your Income. Your customers further can also resell the solution with their own brand.

  • Travel Industry 1st N-Level Cloud Flight Booking Engine
  • Resell Solution into "N" levels and maximize your Income
  • Get Started in less than 48 hours
  • Fully Managed & Hosted Solution

Easy B2B Customer Management

You can manage all type of your B2B customers easily through our platform. 5 Level of User Management (User - Direct Client, Retailer - Agents, Distributors - Franchisee, Sub-Retailers - Sub-Agents & Resellers - Technology & Wholesalers)

  • Add or Debit Balance
  • Complete Usage Statics with Charts
  • Make Unlimited Users, Retailers, Distributors & Resellers
  • Detailed Sales Overview
  • Pre-login option for effective troubleshooting

Mid Office Management

Managing your multiple booking offices and ticketing staffs made easier with our Mid Office Management Module

  • Create Unlimited Ticket Booking Staffs
  • Give different privilege to Staffs
  • Track your ticketing staff activities

Multiple Income Sources & Quick ROI

All our products and technologies are designed and developed to ensure stable & multiple income sources for our partners. We know only a perfect and unique product can bring stable income for long and give quick ROI

  • Define your own Markup and maximize your income
  • Get Franchisee Royalty Charges
  • Get Registration/Entry fee from Agents
  • Resell Complete Solution & Earn Huge Money
  • Offer Technology (XML API) & Earn More
  • Recurring AMC Cost

Simple XML API with SDK's

NOT MUCH CODING REQUIRED. We understand the difficulties of a developer for integrating Flight Booking Service thus we made the entire process as much as simple with our easy SDK's

Easy Amendments

We made the amendments much easier and integrated within the platform. You can place amendments requests from the online platform itself.

White labelled Call Centre

24 x 7 White labelled Call Centre Support for Cancellations & Amendments.

Fully Managed & Hosted Service

We know and understand technology better so you just focus only on your core business.

Level Management

Create Resellers with different level restrictions

  • Unlimited
  • First Level
  • No Resellers

Available in 8 Regional Language

India's First Multi Language Flight Booking Engine Available in 8 Indian Languages

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Billing & Support System

  • Integrated Billing System with Payment Update Form
  • Automated Payment Update System
  • 100% Transparent Billing & Reports
  • Centralized Ticket Based & SMS Based Support

White Labeled & Branding

Make your own brand with N – Tier White Labeled Architecture

  • 100% White Labeled Panel
  • Upload your Company Logo and Pages
  • Fully Customizable Panel with 12 Color Themes
  • Works with your own domain or sub-domain
  • Start business in less than 48 Hours
  • White Labelled Searchable Knowledge Base for Quick & Detailed References

Technology & Infrastructure

SMS Ponnus is not just a Travel Company a full fledge product development company focused in multiple sectors with In House R&D Team. We are always committed to provide the best service and support and we are backed up with all the latest technologies and required infrastructure..

  • Dedicated Cloud Servers.
  • Proprietary Software & Application
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Customized Solutions
  • In house R&D team
  • Full Managed Service with 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • 4000 Sq Ft of Own R&D Innovation Hub

"Earning possibilities are Unlimited with us. Join With Us & Make the most of now. Our Shoulders have enough Strength and Capability to full fill your Dreams….."

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