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Business Solutions
Business Solutions

Our Bulk SMS service is the ideal solution to simultaneously communicate with a large group of audience, for e.g. customers, employees or channel members. This mode of communication is the best to pass important messages like promotion, launches etc.

How it suits you

» For new product launches
» New scheme promotions
» Employee engagement
» Advertising campaigns
» Sales lead generation

How it benefits you

» Tailor-made messaging application
» Secured access within infrastructure
» Advanced delivery mechanism (scheduling, retry SMS etc.)
» Multiple interface support – SMPP, FTP, simple/ web, HTTP, file upload and group message
» Sender ID masking

Promotional SMS

These are SMSes which are sent with the objective of promoting your product or service. This category includes any sales & marketing messages which may or may not be solicited by the recipient.

Festival Greeting SMS

Suppose if Mrs. Rani bought some garments from your shop a couple of months ago, and you have collected her mobile number then. You are sending a greeting SMS the right time on the eve of a festival season, when people are willing for shopping. Here your greeting SMS will definitely bring Mrs. Rani & family to your shop again.

Building Customer Database

Building your customer database is very important for a long term & memorable business relationship. We have sophisticated tools to build & organize your customer database without comprising on the security measurements.

SMS Campaigns works differently for different category of business; we have short listed few category of business below.

Retail Outlets

We know how difficult it is to boost the sales in this highly competitive market. In retailing it is the satisfaction of the customers/consumers that counts the most. And the rate of success depends not merely in attracting but largely on retaining the customers who are often demanding, and for that should have something more to offer than a rival product. The existence of competitors necessitates you to provide high quality products with the best customer care, tempting offers, excellent after sales support, maintain good long term customer relationship & provide the customer with cutting edge technology. Here let us see how a retailer can use our platform of SMS Marketing to boost his sales and maintain long term customer relationship & trust.

  • Send thanking alert message for their purchase.
  • Send Updates on SALE, offers & promotions to the customers
  • Updating customers on the status of their purchase / repairs / delivery etc
  • Sending greetings – Festival, Birthday, Anniversary etc
  • Announcing New Offers, New Arrivals, Change of Location etc
  • Sending day to day sales figure to higher authorities.
  • Conduct SMS based surveys with the customers
Case Study

A textile retailer wants to send a thanking message after the payment of purchase is received. He also wants to build his own customer database in separate groups, send bulk SMS on the eve of major festivals and inform selected group of customers regarding the latest arrivals & offers, but he don't have a web portal or any customer management software.


For Sending Thanking SMS: We advised him to create a template in our Web Interference Portal which will enable him to send a pre-defined message to the customer instantly.

For Building Customer Database & Groups: We advised him to collect the customer's name and phone number after the purchase and enter it into our Web Interference portal. He can assign a group for that contact if needed.

Sending Bulk SMS on the eve of festivals: We advised him to use "Send to All" option in our Web Interference Portal, so SMS will be send to all customers just with one click.

Informing Latest Arrivals & Offers to Selected Customers: Select the customer group and send SMS; SMS will be delivered only to the members in that group.

Educational Consultancies

  • Send Course Lists
  • Send Admission Notification.
  • Send Bulk SMS Campaigns
  • Inform students to prepare for an interview
  • Inform students to submit original mark sheet & documents.
  • Inform the date of joining.
  • Inform/remind the date of journey in case of going abroad for studies.

Banking & Financial Sector

  • Promotional Offers & Special Offers
  • Loan Application Status
  • Loan Approvals
  • Reminding EMI Date.
  • Account Updates / Balance details / Low balance/ installments etc
  • Transaction details & Cheque bounce
  • Payment Reminder Alerts
  • Insurance / SIP reminders
  • Mutual Funds – Offers NAV etc
  • Interest rates / Charges revision
  • Cross Selling partner products
  • Sending Festival Greetings.

Travel & Tourism

  • Send thanking message on ticket or hotel booking.
  • Send confirmations on hotel bookings / Ticket booking /reservations etc
  • Informing the tour date.
  • Promote special discounts/ offers
  • Notification on special events

Clubs & Societies

  • Medical Camp Dates
  • Event updates
  • Membership renewal reminders
  • Invitations
  • Elections
  • Competitions
  • Special Birthday/Anniversary Greetings

Real Estate

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Reminder for installments / payments
  • Reminders to tenants regarding rent, overdue etc
  • New property launch etc
  • Quick internal advertisement of rental / saleable property

Media & Entertainment Sector

  • Send Urgent Messages to all Crew Members
  • Informing Shooting Date & Location
  • Informing postponed & new dates.
  • Bulk promotion of New Cinema/Serial

Automobile Industry

  • Vehicle Service Reminders
  • Service Confirmation Alerts
  • Driving Tips
  • New Vehicle Launch – Test Drive Invitation
  • Promotional Offers – on sales, parts & service
  • Insurance, RTO reminders
  • Festival & Other Greeting messages

Stock Market Companies

  • Trade Transaction details
  • Stock Tips & Advices
  • New IPO & Company Listing
  • Market Watch
  • Market Updates
  • Government Policy & impacts
  • Promotional Campaigns

Job Consultancies

  • New Job Openings
  • Interview Date & Place.
  • Interview Confirmation
  • Promotional Campaigns

IT & ITES Service Companies

  • Integration with Websites
  • System failure notifications
  • Inform Virus alerts
  • New Email Alerts
  • Password Retrievals
  • Server / website down alerts
  • Shopping alerts
  • Human verification code for transaction security

Transport & Logistics Sector

  • Alert Booking Details
  • Alert Delivery Report
  • Container tracking
  • Freight charges
  • Account balance and payment reminders

MLM Companies

  • Welcome Message
  • New Binary Alerts
  • Payout Alerts
  • Announce New Plans & Products
  • Inform Meeting & Schedules
  • Festival/Birthday/Anniversary Greetings
  • Integrate with Website & Management Software

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