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Technology At Its Best

At SMS Ponnus being a technology Product Development Company we exploit the latest cutting edge technology at its extreme for ensuring peace of mind to our valuable customers.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Network & Firewall

Our network is backed by strong hardware and software firewalls ensuring that only genuine packets are communicating with our Web Servers.

Data Backup

Our pioneered data backup policies always clinch that all data are securely backed up into multiple locations through multifarious schema.

Mirroring: Replication of Database into the corresponding Data Centre & 5 minutes delayed mirroring into remote data centre.

2 Minutes: All mission critical data are being backed up into remote data centre in every 2 minutes using our proprietary backup tools.

1 Hour: Hourly backup of all significant business data into remote data centres as well as into the backup server in the same data centre.

24 Hours: Backup data modus on daily basis into the Same Data Centre as well as in the Remote Data Centre

7 Days: Weekly Offsite Encrypted Backup into External Hard Disk

Disaster Management & Recovery

Our Disaster Management & Recovery Polices & Data Backup Polices ensures the Business Continuity in case of any major failures, malfunction, Vis Major, Force Majeure.

In case of any hardware failures, malfunction, Softlayer (Data Centre) ensures 1 hour Guaranteed replacement of the faulty hardware through the SLA.

RAID Technology secures all data, in case of Hard Disk failures and fortifies the business continuity.

Data Security

All business sensitive data are stored by dint of industry's optimum data encryption methodology and accessible only to authorized people. Even Internal ingress to the DB is stringent and based on triple authentication.

Periodic Security Audits

Our Internal Periodic Security Auditing minimize the gap between various departments and employees thus ensuring all IT Polices are properly in place and being followed.

Monitoring & Alerts

24 x 7 Monitoring Team and Our Proprietary Alert System (SMS, Voice & Mobile Apps) ensure that all monitoring team acts immediately in the occurrence of any discrepancy.

Mock Test & Training

Periodic training programmes ensure that all server administrators are updated with the latest available technology in the industry.

Impromptu mock practices make sure that our server administrators are fully capable of handling any emergency situations without pressure.

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